Meet Your TeamMates

One of the many great things about joining us is the benefit of being a part of a small tight-knit community of like-minded, badass individuals who share the same goals. In fact, research shows that accountability accelerates performance by 65% to as high as 95%. 

So with that being said, we'd like to introduce you to your teammates!

Alison L. Beachbody Classic 2018

Alison L.

From Williamsport, PA

Lives in Williamsport, PA

Family: Husband and 2 kids (boy and girl)

Career: Senior Order Entry Clerk

Beachbody Member since February 2015

Classic History: Spectated my first one in 2017

Current Fitness Program: 80 Day Obsession

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: Scrambled eggs, baby spinach, and olive oil in a wheat tortilla

Favorite Cheat Meal: French dip sandwich from T.G.I. Fridays

Drink of Choice: Water, coffee is a close second

Hobbies: Reading, collecting Funko Pop and Batman items, playing Skylanders and Minecraft with my kids

Brittany M. Beachbody Classic 2018

Brittany M.

From: Chilhowie, VA

Lives in Abingdon, VA

Family: Married, 2 kids (twins) 3 years old

Career: Pharmacist

Beachbody Member since 2017

Classic History: None

Current Fitness Program: 80 Day Obsession

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: Tacos!! It’s so easy to throw together taco salads and it’s delicious!

Favorite Cheat Meal: Brownies! Who needs an entire meal? I just need a dessert

Drink of Choice: When I’m not training - Wine!

Hobbies: Gardening! It’s almost spring time! Biking, Running, Reading, Cross Stitching

Katrina By

Katrina B.

From: Mankato, MN

Currently Live: Minneapolis, MN

Family: Married to Sav. Have a cat baby, Toby. Cousin to Natalie.

Career: Spanish Immersion Elementary Teacher

Beachbody Member since 2015

Classic History: Watching Natalie's journey. Personal, none.

Current Fitness Program: 80DO

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: Buffalo chicken bowls

Favorite Cheat Meal: Anything!

Drink of Choice: Iced miel from Honey and Rye

Hobbies: Reading, book club, being with family, watching shows, hanging out in Minneapolis with friends, enjoying the lakes, traveling abroad, using Spanish everyday

Karen D. Beachbody Classic 2018

Karen D.

From Downey, CA

Lives in Sparks, NV

Family: Married, two step-kids, one grandson

Career: Registered Nurse

Beachbody Member since 2016

Classic History: None

Current Fitness Program: Hammer and Chisel

Hobbies: Hiking, backpacking, camping, and fly-fishing

Favorite Cheat Meal: Sushi and Microbrew

Drink of Choice: Sour Ales (beer)

Steve M. Beachbody Classic 2018

Steve M. (Coach)

From Riverbank, CA

Lives in Sacramento, CA

Family: Boyfriend to Natalie, Step-Fur-Daddy to Bruno, Father of 3 great kids (Maddie, Logan & Braden)

Career: Pharmaceutical Rep

Beachbody Member since 2015

Classic History: Placed 2nd 2016 & Placed 3rd 2017

Current Fitness Program: Body Beast

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: Salmon, Sweet Potato, and Salad

Favorite Cheat Meal: Tacos and Yasso Bars

Drink of Choice: Beer or Wine or Liquor or… Insert drink here.

Hobbies: Golf, Travel - Caboholic

Danielle R.

Danielle R.

From Dover, De

Lives in Nashville

Family: Single

Career: RN Case Manager

Beachbody Member since 2015

Classic History: Training for 2018!

Current Fitness Program: just finished a round of Beast

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: ground turkey, lettuce, avocado

Favorite Cheat Meal: cheesy bread

Drink of Choice: water and coffee

Hobbies: baking and cooking, decorating

Kristie C.

Kristie C.

From Northern Virginia

Lives in Port Orchard Washington

Family: I have 2 Little’s, 1 and 4 and a husband who is active duty Navy submariner

Career: recruiter for a company in DC

Classic History: first timer!

Current Fitness Program: 22 minute HC

Favorite Meal Prep: hard boiled eggs

Favorite Cheat Meal: pizza

Drink of Choice: Coffee, prosecco, Miller life, water 😳

Hobbies: soccer, hiking, kickball, 5ks

Manilyn L. Beachbody Classic 2018

Manilyn L.

From: Philippines

Currently Live: Seattle, WA

Family: Mom of 2 girls

Career: Server at OG

Beachbody member since May 2018

Classic History: None

Current Fitness Program: 80DO

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: Baked salmon with broccoli

Favorite Cheat Meal: Tacos

Drink of Choice: Red wine

Hobbies: Singing, dancing


Melissa W.

From Indianapolis, IN

Lives in Zionsville, IN

Family: Married for 16 years to my husband, Chuck. We have a 5 1/2 year old son, Carter and two fur kids, Cooper and Mowgli.

Career: After being a Paralegal for 14 years, I left to pursue my passion in fitness and am a Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor and Kids Yoga Teacher.

Classic History: This is my first Classic!

Current Fitness Program: Body Beast

Favorite Meal Prep: My favorite recipe is the Fixate tomato sauce!

Favorite Cheat Meal: My last cheat meal before I started a few weeks ago was Mexican and a tall Frozen Margarita, but now I'm craving pizza and wine!

Drink of Choice: La Croix Sparkling Water

Hobbies: Competing in Highland Games and Scottish Festivals in Highland Dancing and Athletics, Pet Therapy Work, and Coaching youth Basketball.

Natalie B. (Coach)

Natalie B. (Coach)

From Chaska, MN

Lives in Sacramento, CA

Family: Girlfriend to Steve, Fur-Momma to Bruno and Weekend Momma to Millanes Minis

Career: Marketing Maven

Beachbody Member since 2015

Classic History: Attended in 2016, Placed Top 10 in 2017

Current Fitness Program: Body Beast

Favorite Meal Prep Meal: Protein Pancakes

Favorite Cheat Meal: Burger and Fries, Chocolate, FroYo… Where do I stop?

Drink of Choice: Wine or Tequilla

Hobbies: Exercise and Travel