Acyrlic Heels

Acyrlic Heels

Acyrlic Heels


Please, purchase your heels A.S.A.P. and start getting used to wearing them around the house.

Fabulicious Women's Cle408/c are the shoes I purchased via Amazon. Elle is also a popular brand among competitors.

Get the perfect fit. You need to feel as comfortable as possible. It is not about looks. in fact, few people will be looking at your feet. 

You want 4-5’’ acrylic heels (meaning they are clear). You also want a heel that is larger than a pencil top. It’s a natural reaction to gravitate toward what is pretty (there are some pretty bedazzled options), but go practical and don’t call a lot of attention.

I bought 3 pairs last year and my favorite set had an open toe, open heel and straps around the ankle. The slip ons were my back up set that I practiced in a lot because they were easy to throw on and off, but didn’t offer the same stability. 

$34-60 can be bought on Amazon



Women’s Bikinis

Start window shopping now, but don't purchase until 8 weeks out! Looking now will give you the motivation to start visualizing yourself on stage and pushing yourself during your workouts. 

Figure vs Bikini
These are two different categories in the competitive world outside of Beachbody, but for this event bikinis typically win out.

Blues, greens and reds are winning colors, but take your hair and eye color into account. This isn’t as important as the rest. Whatever color you typically gravitate towards (look in your closet) is going to be your power color. Pick one you like and you will be excited to strut in. However, neon and pastel should be avoided as judges typically find it a bit more distracting since its a harsh contrast against a tan.

Go crazy if you can afford it. This is one way to stand out from the crowd, but this will affect the price.

You get what you pay for. Brand new or custom suits cost $200-$550 on average. You can find beautiful discounted suits in various Facebook groups or ‘quick ship’ options for a reduced price.

Cut Matters
You want that that itty bitty bedazzled bikini to fit like a glove and flatter your ASSets. 

A higher cut pro cut will give your glutes a more rounded look. The Brazilian is the most flexible cut of them all, providing more coverage if needed or can be scrunched and glued with bikini bite (we’ll talk more about this later) to appear smaller. If you feel shy, go with a Brazilian cut. Do NOT do moderate. It’s not as flattering and the reality is that you can’t hide behind a string bikini. There is little left for the imagination. And take note, everyone is naked so don’t be self-conscious, they are thinking about how they look more than they are thinking about you. And if someone isn’t in a suit, they are likely admiring you for your courage or that new tight bod you’ve been working so hard for.

Similar to a triangle bikini, there isn’t a lot of variation here other than the connectors. Ties on top and around your bust will allow you to keep the girls up and flexible so it doesn’t cut into your skin. In other words, I don’t recommend the jewel snap options. Also, get a couple pairs of padding, you will need them. The girls are always the first to volunteer as tribute.

Dangle is for those with long torsos and legs, single strand are for the petite and double strand looks best on all, especially the athletic build.

Word of Caution
They will arrive SMALL and you will freak the f—— out. That is normal. I just about passed out when I got mine. Heart palpatations, cold sweats, and vision blurred. However, it will give you the motivation you need to kick it in high gear to close out your training.

Wash immediately. The tanning solution will stain. This will give you the option to resell it later or frame it on the wall. ;)

Lastly, the suit isn’t everything, but no body has won in a Target suit even though it’s an acceptable option. In my humble opinion, if you are going to put in this much effort, energy and time into it…. Get yourself something nice to celebrate all that you have worked in and/or the edge you need to walk a little bit taller because you feel comfortable and confident.

For more bikini buying tips click here!



Men’s Board Shorts

Open your third drawer and grab a pair …. Just kidding. Shop early, it will give you motivation to start visualizing yourself on stage and pushing yourself during your workouts

Quick Silver, Billabong, Hurley or anything with semi-flexible material and small logos. Perferably no pockets in back or sides.

This should be minimal - $35-60

Cut Matters
Comfortable, but form fitted. For sure nothing baggy. The shorts should rest comfortably above the knee. Buy 2-3 different sizes and keep the tags on. Your weight will fluctuate the last two weeks. Steve had 3 styles and 3 different sizes because the year prior his board shorts almost fell off his hips.

Color and Design
It used to be that solids were preferred, but times have changed and patterns are now popular. Plaids, stripes, and checkers are okay, but try not to go to crazy here with graphics.

Wash immediately for future pool side chilling.