Tired of Counting Calories?

Try an easy-to-follow portion control system that complements any fitness program.

Simple nutrition - if it fits in the container, you can eat it

No more guessing, weighing, or counting calories

Easy-to-use color-coded food containers 

Maximize your results
with simple portion control.

We all know that nutrition plays an incredibly important role in helping you achieve your weight-loss goals—that means eating healthy and maintaining proper portion sizes. With a portion controlled container system you have a straightforward system to get portions right for weight loss and weight management, and you'll learn what healthy portions really look like.

7 Containers = 1 Easy Solution

Seven exclusive containers. Each one is color-coded for a different kind of food, and pre-measured for the precise portion. You'll never have to "eyeball" your measurements again—if it fits in the container, you can eat it... Portion control so simple, anyone can get great results!



You don’t have to eat directly from the containers. Create delicious meals by tossing all your ingredients into a bowl to make a healthy and filling pasta or salad—just like this one!


Looking for meal ideas? Add the Fixate Cookbook to your card for easy-to-follow recipes - each marked with their color-coded container equivalents - to create balanced meals for any other Beachbody program.