Team Competition Coaching

We are taking a waiting list for people interested in competing in 2019 Beachbody Classic. This is a separate service and unaffiliated from "TeamBeachbody" and "Beachbody Inc." Join our competition team to get the tools needed to walk the stage as your best self. 

W h a t. y o u . g e t.

Advanced Nutrition Guidance

Dial-in your nutrition, get supplement guidance, how to balance fluid intake and other "peak week" secrets. 

Next Level Fitness Training

We'll take your current fitness plan to the next level and customize your weight training and cardio program to maximize results.

Posing Guidance

We’ll help you bring your best package to the stage. We'll give you our recommendations on suits from cut, color and where to buy to tanning, hair, and make-up if it applies! We'll teach you how to move, transition, show your best angles, flex and pose.


Surround yourself with like-minded, badass individuals who will inspire, motivate and encourage you to be your best... And won't judge you for your neurotic prep lifestyle!


Plus TWO Coaches To Guide You on Your Journey

From travel to call-outs, we'll make sure there are no surprises on show day! Know what to pack, how to meal prep on the road, what to expect at pre-judging, how to prepare for call-outs, walking the stage, and last minute meltdowns!

If you'd like to join us for the 2019 season, please click the link below. Space is limited.

DEADLINE TO JOIN: Friday, March 15th or until full.

Once your application form is complete, we'll contact you for a free phone consultation to answer any questions about our Team Competition Coaching program