Meet Steve

I would love to share with you how my health and fitness journey got started but first let me give you some history.  Growing up I was always active in sports playing football, basketball, and baseball.  My diet consisted of the occasional family meal, but I was always on the go, fast food became a way of life.  When I graduated high school I was fortunate enough to earn a baseball scholarship to continue my playing days in college.  This kept me active in sports which made me continue my education.  I was lucky enough to learn about the importance of feeding my body with proper nutrition for the best athletic performance during one of my health classes.  The things I learned in this class stuck with me during my early 20’s and allowed me to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet.  


When my playing days ended I maintained my fitness by going to the gym 3-5 days per week and let’s be real, there was no cardio involved.  I would go to the gym for 90 minutes but didn’t get great results. I had a mental plan for each workout but I learned that wasn’t effective as a written plan.  But while I was in my 20’s I was able to get decent results with an above average diet.

I got married at 27 and life changed as it does for so many.  I wasn’t working out as often and I was eating out way to much.  As a pharmaceutical sales manager I started to travel more for work and I was eating at restaurant regularly without any health concerns.  I would order whatever looked good (YOLO).  I didn’t drink much soda so that helped me out but I would drink alcohol on a daily basis after work.  It got to a point where the most physical activity I was getting would be from playing golf with a cart and drinking 10 beers.  As you would imagine, after having my to oldest kids (Madison and Logan) it was catching up with me because I was eating worst and getting less physical activity.  Soon after having my third child (Braden) I got a divorce.  

Steve at Pine Crest Lake, 2010

Steve at Pine Crest Lake, 2010

So at 33 years young I’m a father of 3 amazing kids and divorced.  This was an important cross road for me and I had a very important decision to make.  Was I gonna hangout in the bars or hangout in the gym?  I knew this would make or break me financially and health wise. I’m so thankful that I drove to the gym to get a membership with the goal of getting in shape for my kids.  I would go to the gym 5 days a week and I even tried to eat healthy.  I didn’t know how much food I should eat but when I ate I ate healthy food. I later learned that eating the right portions is a huge part of getting results in the gym.  Even though I went to the gym on a regular basis my result had more up and downs than the stock market. Why? ALCOHOL and because I didn’t have a meal plan.

So what was the event that made me wake up and get my act together? I’m glad you asked!  As I mentioned before, I work in the pharmaceutical industry and at the time I was selling insulin for diabetes.  I was 36 years young and at my Dr’s office for my annual check-up.  I asked my Dr to check my A1c (average blood sugar for 3 months) because I wanted to know what my numbers were  since I was talking about diabetes all day for work.  I’m so glad I asked because what I found out changed my life... They revealed the results with me and I WAS PRE-DIABETIC!  I was blown away!  I wondered how could this happen to me. I kinda worked out, I kinda watched what I ate, and apparently I kinda had diabetes!  I was in shock. 


One month later I was at the Hilton in Dallas for a big company meeting. All employees were invited to participate in a morning workout with a celebrity trainer.  About 400  of the 3000 showed up at 6 am for the workout. As I looked around to size the crowd I felt confident to see that I was in better shape than 90-95% of the room.  I was worried because I was never able to workout early in the morning without getting sick.  So right before the workout started the man himself came bouncing into the room with more swag than I have ever seen.  Who was it?  The celebrity trainer was the legendary Tony Horton.  He was 56 years old and I still had nightmares of him kicking my butt in P90x.  So as we got halfway into the workout I had to leave the room so I could lay down in the lobby on a couch.  What an ego check that was.  I learned that I couldn’t workout in the morning because of my pre-diabetes.  I felt better after 10 minutes so I tried to sneak back in and finish the workout.  After the workout I was able to get this cool pic with Tony and some co-workers.

The workout with Tony Horton that changed everything.

Right after that workout my mindset changed and I was determined to get control of my health.  My goal was to reverse my pre-diabetes! Why? I wanted to be around to watch my kids grow up.  I wanted to be physically fit so I could play with them with no restrictions.  I wanted to teach them  how to live a long healthy life.  I also wanted to be a role model for my family and friends.  I cut back on my alcohol and I cut out soda for good.  I was gonna ask my fitness friends for help with planning things out. I was also going to use my Kinesiology degree to modify and improve the plan where I see fit.  After 2 weeks of following my program I started to see my physique change and when I completed the 90 day program I was able to reverse my pre-diabetes.  I was so proud of myself and excited with what I had done.  I learned how to eat and workout for my goals even while traveling for work. I continued to mix up my workouts from one program to the next.  I did some programs that required very little equipment and could be done at home.  Others had to be done at the gym so I could use all the equipment.  I did many of the workouts at home so my kids could see and they always asked if they could workout with me. Those workouts are my all time favorite.  

Steve's Transformation

Steve's Transformation

Then after 9 months of training I heard about a physique competition and I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to see how far I could push my physique.  So  I registered and was put on the waiting list.  I decided that my goal was to be my best regardless if I got off the waiting list or not.  So I gave it 100% everyday because I knew I would never reach my goals if I wasn’t consistent.  I had to travel for work so that meant 5:30 am workouts. It meant not drinking the free alcohol at company events.  I had to make healthy food choices when I was able to expense the delicious not so healthy food.  I did this and much more because I wanted to be my best more than I wanted immediate satisfaction.  

Then one night while on the road I saw this cute girl in the bar and she asked me about the book I was reading. Yes, I was reading at the hotel bar because It was a great time to get some personal development done.  Oh, what happen to the girl??? Read on...