Welcome to The Rebound

For those of you who just competed for the first time... Welcome to THE REBOUND!!! We are sure some of you are a bit dismayed that returning to "old normal" life isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Here are some things to expect if you haven't experienced them already... 


Hello food cravings. Sugar is addictive as cocaine. The more you consume, the more you crave. It's not always easy to bounce back from a binge. So make good choices! -

Hello lethargy. Your body got beat up over the last 12+ weeks. It needs rest. That's ok. Bring down the intensity of your workouts for a week, sleep in and reduce your cardio time or frequency.

Hello weight gain.  Gaining <5 pounds is normal due to the reintroduction of water, sodium and carbs. Anything beyond that due to calories in (diet) and calories out (exercise). If you'd like to maintain or lose, you still have to be on point 80% of the time - That is the new normal!

Hello depression. This one can sneak up on you. Once you have arrived to your destination, it's time to make new goals so you don’t suffer from post-show blues. You will need to find new goals both in the short and long term to get back on track.

Hello body dysmorphia. So you gained a couple pounds, so what?! Most people do not think less of you and likely wouldn't notice. The point is, you need to learn to accept that weight gain in moderation is part of the process. Even the pros do not always walk off stage and maintain their weight. Learn to love yourself in every state while working toward improvement.

Hello, I'm lost. We get that this is frightening, but here is the thing.... You are capable of doing hard things!

Here are some tips...
⚡️Set a new goal for the next 3 weeks
⚡️Find your WHY POWER.
⚡️Establish a plan that matches that goal

Even if you want to maintain your weight, you can't be cheating mealing on the regular. You need to follow the program and develop a lifestyle (hopefully) something in between prep life and your old life.

Hello, I'm lost. Even the best athletes need coaches and extra levels of accountability and support. We are here if you need the extra guidance.