Excuse Proof Your Travel Plans

Back in the dark ages, a hotel might have donuts in the lobby and a dungeon with some rusty pieces of equipment making it feel impossible to stick to your fitness goals on the road. But now, people who want to maintain their fitness when they are away from home have more options than ever before. Thanks to technology, you can stream workouts from your phone, get healthy meals delivered right to your door, and pick up a variety of healthy, portable snacks from a local grocery store to keep 'hanger' at bay, and so much more!  It's evident that staying fit while you travel has become entirely excuse-proof in recent years which is the theme of this week's 5-minute newsletter.  

This week, we provided some simple, yet effective health and fitness advice that can be taken on the road, easily absorbed with your morning cup of coffee and consumed as fast as Steve can eat a taco on Tuesday. Whether you have lost your way or ready to punch down the gas pedal and take-off, don't miss out on tips that could help you reach your goals more efficiently and sign-up to receive our newsletter. We'll send out an extra copy tomorrow morning for new subscribers. 

**WARNING: Side effects may include feeling like a driven, passionate badass while developing a general sense of well-being and an obsession with sweaty-selfies.