Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Do you suffer from IBS, joint pain, bloating, weight gain, migraines, anxiety and more?

Then, let food be thy medicine.

Written by Natalie Barnard

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Your body is meant to feel good. Bloating, joint pain, weight gain, migraines, and anxiety are not signs of aging. It’s your body trying to communicate with you. Maybe it’s “slow down, go to bed earlier, stress less, and/or get your hands and your gob in control!” Sorry that last suggestion is advice provided by Tony Horton that makes me laugh out loud every time, but it holds some truth to it as well.

In all seriousness though, speaking from personal experience, it’s important to listen to your body. If you are battling a symptom as minor as 5 pounds of weight gain or as severe as autoimmune disease, I encourage you to take a hard look at your environment, habits and behavior patterns that could be contributing to your symptoms starting with what you eat.

I’ve run a gamut of tests and NOTHING has helped me reduce my symptoms better than when I removed reactive foods from my diet.

How foods cause inflammation?

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When I say reactive foods, I am referring to foods that cause inflammation in the human body outside of sugar and junk food. I am also referring to commonly known health foods like carrots and salmon! This doesn’t mean that these foods aren’t beneficial, they just weren’t beneficial to me because I had developed a sensitivity (not allergy) to them.

The MRT (Mediator Release Test) was able to help me identify which foods were contributing to my condition and the results indicated that I needed to remove 23 items from my diet. Some people may view the list above as restrictive, but in actuality, it was the most liberating protocol I have ever been on. Along with some recommended supplements, I was able to live relatively pain free as long as there was no cross-contamination.

Three months later, I was feeling so great I quit! I know. I am shaking my head too. This is a habit we often do when we finally reach out health and fitness goals. We stop the behaviors that facilitated the healing in the first place; eating well, drinking water, hitting the gym, getting sleep, practicing gratitude, and etc. I made the mistake of assuming my body had healed itself. As the saying goes, health can’t be owned it can only be rented so as soon as I reverted back to old habits, so did my body.

It was discouraging to say the least, but being hard headed, I spent the next 9 months trying to figure it out on my own to save money. However, the money I wasn’t willing to invest in my health is what I later spent on being sick. Feeling completely fed up and defeated, I turned to Steve for advice on what he thought I should do. He asked, “What were you doing when you felt best?” That’s when I realized that it all started with the MRT test.

Humbled, fully committed with my ego in check, and hell bent on healing, I decided to re-test last week and found out that while I have made some progress (I am out of the red!), I am still moderately reactive (yellow) to a handful of foods.

Not everyone needs to go to these lengths to improve their health, but I am sharing my experience in hopes it may encourage you to keep making your health a priority through the ups and downs. And to remind you that solutions don’t always need to come in the form of a pill, it’s possible that you can change your condition just by changing your diet.

But if you are suffering from a stubborn health problem that won’t go away no matter what you try and want to take the guessing out of the game then I have found no better solution than getting blood testing done to determine your exact reactivities that could be causing or contributing to your complaints.

I plan to continue to document my journey to better health and healing for a dose of inspiration and to provide hope to those who need it most. If you need extra support, don’t hesitate to reach out via email to coachnpb@gmail.com or connect with me on social.

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