Success Story - Mike Dunston

Mike Dunston

Age: 41 | Sonora, California

Follow his journey.

What was your wake-up call to get started?
I would have to say my wake-up call was when my girlfriend, Emily, and I went to Las Vegas and were walking on the strip looking for something for dinner and we stopped to rest and look around. We happened to stop near Heart Attack Grill and saw the scale outside and went to ask about it. The guy outside said that if we weigh 350 lbs or more we get a free meal. Emily and I looked at each other and then each got on the scale. I came up as 342 lbs and that scared me, I had no idea I had let my weight get that heavy. My weight had been +/- 5lbs of 300lbs for quite a few years. Seeing the number up on the scale scared me as I was inching closer to an early grave, especially with a long family history of heart-related disease. The fact that this happened outside Heart Attack Grill was even more reinforcement that something needed to change, I needed to change. It was that night that I made the decision to change the direction my life was heading. At the time I wasn't sure how but I was committed to finding a way to change and improve my health and well being.

What has been the most difficult part of your journey?
A lot of people think the workouts or the food are the hardest part of a journey such as mine, but they would be wrong. The hardest part has been the mental health aspects of such a dramatic change that I have made over the last year. When I started my journey I was beyond morbidly obese and quite depressed. As I started my journey with Steve and Natalie I set two major goals, I was determined to get my weight down to 200 lbs and to get off of the medications I was taking at the time. Little did I know the mental tax these two goals would have on my journey as I had set myself up with a very aggressive deadline, I wanted these goals to be reached by the time I turned 40 which was in about six months. Setting these goals at the time gave me something to focus on which allowed me to improve my mental health as I stopped focusing on a lot of negative aspects of my life at the time. I also started reading many personal development books which further improved my mental health as it gave me a way to understand more of the how and why my life was where it was and how to get it where I wanted to be.

How has improving your health and fitness changed your life?
A better question would be what hasn't been changed in my life. Virtually every aspect of my life has improved over the last year. As part of my journey to better health, I have been able to find myself. I now have a better vision of where I want to go and what I want to do.