Healing from the inside out

Over the last few weeks, I was struggling to get a grip on my energy levels, brain fog, bloating, cramping and digestion issues. I was following my meal plan and eating clean by most people's standards, but even though I have been making some strides in the way I look aesthetically over the past year in preparation for my competition and feeling better than when I started with Beachbody, but I still wasn't feeling 💯 and I couldn't figure out why until I finally invested in some additional testing and started eating the right foods for my body.

However, as of yesterday, I can't remember the last time I felt so good.

When we’re fit, clear and healthy - from the inside out - that’s when we’re whole.
— Sagi Kalev

I didn't need coffee even though I love it, I didn't feel tired, I crushed my workouts, I didn't get an afternoon crash, I wasn't hungry, I felt focused at work, I didn't experience bloating or feel any pain whatsoever. I am pretty sure this is the way we were intended to feel - GOOD!

What did I do differently? My macros were dialed-in, I ate the right foods, AND AVOIDED THE FOODS I HAD BECOME INTOLERATE TO EATING, I avoided artificial sugar at all costs, and added apple cider vinegar and a probiotic into my diet.

This may not be the most interesting newsflash, but it's a small victory that I hope to build on and I just wanted to share my experience in hopes it may encourage a few of you to keep making your health a priority through the ups and downs and to reach out when you need some guidence. I was too proud for a long time to admit I needed help and it's always easier to talk about you victories than setbacks.

So I am here to remind you of your resources and happy to guide you if you need some direction.

Natalie BarnardComment