A little help, please?!

Competing is something I've wanted to check off my bucket list for awhile now, but haven't because it's a beast to train for and crazy expensive!

My intrigue began back in July of 2016, when my original goal was to get in shape—lose a couple pounds and lead a healthy-ish lifestyle— but the results I got propelled me to chase after a loftier goal to train for the Beachbody Classic 2017 !

So, for the last year, I have been following a regimented fitness program (working out every day if not twice a day) and a solid nutrition plan. With all the effort I've been putting in, I'm set on winning. It's a lofty goal, I know, but I have put in too much time, sweat and tears to settle for a participation medal. I am going for it even though I can't control a lot of factors like who the judges choose because it's a subjective sport with 40% of your score focused on stage presentation; confidence, poise, form grace and the look you bring to the stage from muscularity to make-up. 

So, I am trying to stay focused on what I can control like my fitness program, nutrition plan and what I can bring to the stage, but I need some help...

Bikini competitions can cost well-over $1k:
- Bedazzled bikini— $500+
- Acrylic heels— $40+
- Oompah loompah spray tans— $60+
- Stage make-up— $200+ 
- Hair— $200+

This just scratches the surface. I have already invested in airfare, hotel and transportation too. I didn't know exactly what I was signing up for financially and, I could use all help I can get.

Any encouragement and support is greatly appreciated! I am commited to giving everything I got and if I'm lucky, hopefully I can inspire someone else to chase a goal to improve their health or lot in life in the process.

With that being said,

For every $25 donated, you will receive 1 entry into a lottery drawing to win a case (12 bottles) of Frog's Leap wine. 

***Winner will be drawn and selected "live" on my Facebook page on June 15th and announced on this GoFundMe page.***

In addition, 10% of proceeds will go towards the Boys and Girls Club because it's a wonderful organization, and it can't be all about me!

Many thanks for reading through this long monologue, if you want to learn more about what I'm doing, I invite you to follow my journey on my blog  or follow my daily activity on Instagram stories @coachnpb !

Natalie Barnard