Dig a little bit deeper

Something I learned recently is that you need to push yourself to failure. If you aren't failing, you are holding back. I am not talking about pushing through pain and getting yourself injured or over-training. I am talking about giving 100% during your scheduled workouts, pushing through discomfort, testing your strength, endurance, and grit. I am starting to see my body take form because I am lifting heavier weights, focusing on good form and trying new moves even if I am look weak or inflexible. I thought it was enough to work hard enough to build up a sweat. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is depending on your goals... But I challenge you to dig a little deeper. You just might surprise yourself. Today, I took on Sagi Kalev's challenge... 500 Push-ups in 1 Hour. Check out my 'LIVE' Facebook post to view the final results!

Natalie Barnard