4 Weeks Out - Mission Six Pack

I'm on a 30 day mission for a six pack... Feel free to join me if you dare or support me along the way from encouraging comments to slapping anything I shouldn't be eating out of my hand!!!!

It's time to 'buckle up' as they say... After some discussion with bikini competitors and Steve, my plan is eat under 1200 calories a day.

My carbs will strictly come from asparagus, broccoli and spinach and lots of leafy greens... 2 ounces of sweet potato a day until the last week. No fruit except the 10 farm fresh strawberries I ate 🙈  this morning...

My protein will consist of chicken breast, egg whites, cod and whey from the Beachbody Performance Line

My fats will come from coconut oil, and the occasional egg yolk, and from protein

I'll lift 6 days per week with a minimum of 45 min of cardio per day, drink 1 gallon of water daily, and fast between 8pm and 8am!

It's go time... Classic is just around the corner!!!

Natalie Barnard