14 weeks until Classic

As of yesterday, it was time to to slip into those acrylic heels and start doing more than just folding my laundry and completing chores around my house in a bathrobe. Being as this was my first time I had practiced publicly, I was nervous to say the least. But I managed to summon up the courage to slip into a skimpy two piece to learn from a National Physique Committee competitor, Sherry Cleckler, how to strut my stuff. 

I was surprised to find how empowering it was, but at first it was awkward. R-E-A-L awkward. My instructions were:

Step 1. Put on the heels... Check!

Step 2. Stand up without falling over.... Nailed it!

Step 3. Put one foot in front of the other. Literally, I had to criss-cross apple sauce all the way down the studio without tripping myself. Check... "Great," I thought "I just may make it through the routine!"

Step 3. Shoulders back, chest up, legs locked, butt out, core tight, swing your hips, twist, walk forward, make eye-contact, smile big, and, oh, BE SEXY!

Is that all?! The first 15 minutes I was a hot mess, all we did was walk back and forth because that was all I could do. I was literally trying to get from point A to point B without sliding around like Bambi on ice. Then, it suddenly started to click and I started to see the shadow of the person I have been working so hard to become over the last 10 months. 

Sherry was able to show me a few basic moves, key transitions and put together a hot 15 second routine for the package I'll be bringing to the stage. After a good hour of solid work, I was starting to feel confident with the progress that I made. It was actually the first time I thought with some level of confidence, "I just might be able to pull this off!" which was an exhilarating feeling, but I know I need to keep grinding for next 14 weeks!!!

Natalie Barnard